pointlessArt exhibition

toronto, ontario, canada
saturday, 2 - 5 p.m. 26,02,2000.
friends and strangers and families
at the pointlessReception
PA-097F PA-098F PA-099F PA-100F PA-102F PA-103F PA-104F
PA-105F PA-106F PA-107F PA-108F PA-109F PA-110F PA-111F
PA-112F PA-113F PA-114F PA-115F PA-116F PA-117F PA-118F
PA-119F PA-123F PA-124F PA-125F PA-126F PA-127F PA-128F
PA-129F PA-130F PA-131F PA-132F PA-133F PA-134F PA-135F
PA-136F PA-139F PA-140F PA-141F PA-142F PA-143F PA-144F