a few things + places of interest to us:

check out gerry's links! - quite a resource for us all.

a java-generated webDictionary - built by the 1000 camels for all our convenience.


Designing the User Interface - Ben Schneiderman's infinitely interesting text + guide


Welcome to How Stuff Works - a great book and a great site as well


Bad sites and how to build 'em! - a guide to the reality of webWork


ideas - a most amazing cbcRadio series about . . .


what the Heck?! - news and commentary


Road Stories Webcast Interface- the latest (09/09/99)from Mental Blocks, the Krokers + Gala Films


an atlas of cyberSpace! - very interesting site


bells+whistles? here's some flash stuff :

wallace+grommit home page! -from Aardman

flash gallery - from macroMedia

gaboCorp X - a flashOganza site

sonics+flash - an onLine synth to play with