Online Publishing Project Portal


The OnLine Publishing Project is the very essence of E3.

Storytelling with the applied power of the web, interactivity and the three tenants of eJournalism:

Engage, Educate, Empower.


            Each participant will produce their own  web  presentation of a story. The process and schedule outlined below will stand as a proscribed methodology to be used.


A workbook or journal will be built and maintained throughout the project.  


This course is broken down to correspond with the five phases of production. Each phase will be approximately two weeks. Each first week will consist of a brief lecture on methodology of the, the second as lab and one on one meeting. At each of these meetings the portal project will be evaluated and approved for the next phase.



week  1-2

collect information                                                               prepare an proposal


week  3-4

produce a design                                                                 develop an interface


week  5-6

build a prototype                                                                put up on server


week  7-8

evaluate the system to obtain additional data                    test & assess


final day - presentations

deliver the system                                                              dissertation




Each phase will be assessed for a mark of 10% of final. A written summery is to be handed in at each one on one meeting. All reports should be ccd to each professor associated with Portal and one hard copy for your work-book or project journal.


The workbook will be assessed for 10% of final. (2% at each one on one)


The dissertation will be assessed for 40% of final.



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