Class Project Jan - March / 2002

Vermin Victory / Darwin’s Mouse (some title ideas)

Scenario : (20 - 30 seconds)

Our story begins with a wide angle shot of a futuristic planet, similar to the Jetsons. The camera moves in on the planet, flying around and eventually landing in a room.

This room reveals a piece of cheese on a plate, covered with a doom-like force field. An Alien is sitting comfortably on a chair, reading.

Enter Mouse character, Darwin. ( We have a few visual concepts of Darwin.)

He cautiously approaches the cheese.

The camera pulls out showing a huge ray gun aimed at the plate of cheese.

Darwin rather confidently walks over to the ray gun, presses a button, and out pops a lever. He pulls the level down, disabling both the force field and the ray gun.

The camera zooms in for a close up showing a very satisfied and happy little mouse.

Cut to a shot of a busy factory that is making ray guns. Camera pans in and shows a stamp of approval being pasted on one of the finished ray guns. The camera pulls out showing a mouse with a conspiratorial grin at the camera.

The End

Designs for Animatic
props for space house Ange and Penny
Ray gun Steve
Space cars in opening set up shot Mark
Planet Tammy
Conveyer belt and lever Linda
Factory Interior Clayton
Alien design Penny
Mouse Geoff

We have arrived at a common character colour scheme of pink and green spots on our Mouse, and pink and green stripes on our Alien. The colours will be used often throughout our mini film establishing continuity. (Colour texture have already been done in Photoshop)

Our main character, Darwin, will be cool but cute — very lovable. The Alien is somewhat non descript in character, a nebbish, almost a stand in. The essence of the story being that the mouse population is more intelligent than Alien.

January 19, 2002