art direction : the creative director



"the creative director or art director, is responsible for design decisions & project vision, and must communicate this vision to the entire team. This person leverages the art & technology balancing creative goals with technical feasibility. In smaller projects, the creative director often assumes project management responsibilities as well."

(macromedia director design guide,1994.)


a general ‘overView’ of content




week one

introduction/an overView

Concepts and content of directing for MultiMedia. This will act as both an overview of the course and an outline of procedure.

The production and the team.


week two

the programmer

makes all possible things possible. The director must work closely with this individual (or team) in preProduction planning and the production itself.

The tools (hardware&software) of the programmer will be examined and a discussion regarding what dreams are made of will ensue.


week three

the designer (interFace designer)

creates the look & with the programmer, the function. This class will discuss the role and scope of the designer’s realm. Design concepts, styles, typographic & layout considerations will be focused on as well as the tools used.



week four ‘alpha’

the writer (information designer)

is key to the actual content of the project. This class will explore and discuss the content, look, functionality and how to develop the script to create it.


week five

the sound designer

designs the audio for MultiMedia. From snappy intros to subtle ambiance to narration.


week six

the artists & musicians

are the hands and ears of the team. This sector of the production deals with the nuts and bolts of the project and are integral to its success.


week seven ‘beta’

aesthetic considerations

are crucial to the project and fall under the auspices of the creative director. This class will explore methods of working with the entire team/production and evaluation progress.


week eight

technical considerations

the director and the programmer are the focus of this class. A guest speaker will present. Individual projects will be discussed and commented on.

Testing results


week nine




week final