digital design & production

Professor: Hersh Jacob - ext 2378



With convergence of traditional Broadcast Media with the Web on the horizon, the computer is more important than ever. This course will provide students with an understanding of the Mac Operating System and the computer as a designer's medium. It will also include a general overview of computer graphics, audio, video digitizing and manipulation processes currently used in streaming web-casts onLine. Creative techniques in story development, design, typography and layout will be examined with an emphasis on the evolution of technology and its influence on design in the 20th century.

software explored:

Mac OS. Word. Photoshop. ImageReady. Dreamweaver. soundEdit16.

Topics :

Layout & Design.
Colour expression/impression.
Logo + icon design.
Documentary/Story Development

Semester Outline:

september / october

MacOS • MultiMedia Overview

Animated Graphics • audio + video capture

Mid semester test and project

november / december

project based assignments


advanced techniques



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