Aesthetics in Television and Film

Hersh Jacob, professor, office: 1N2


"A film’s form involves more than figuring out where to put the camera and what lens to use before shooting. It means articulating a clear and provocative purpose for telling the tale."

‘Directing: film techniques and aesthetics’

Michael Rabiger, ©1997, Focal Press


The hope is to dissolve the artificial barriers between the aesthetic and technical. Through the investigation of scripts, stories and film ; preparing for rehearsals - blocking and staging a scene ; working with the actors and production crew. Aesthetics in film and television is designed to give the television artist insight into the creative process required to direct performance.


Weeks 1 to 4

Television — documentary, drama, and series.

Weeks 5 to 10

Film — original screenplay, adaptation of stage, adaptation of novel

presentations, discussions and evaluations.

Observation, discussion and presentation will be the participants central focus with the final project the development of a director’s book for presentation and evaluation.




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Aesthetics in Television and Film

Hersh Jacob, professor, office: 1N2