individual or group*

Assignment: Weekly presentations …From television or cinema

[This assignment is assessed as 65% of term.]


A written report submitted, handouts for the participants and oral presentation will be required.


From the list below, or any pre-approved submitted title, present to the rest of the class:

1) the source (story &/or script) a synopsis of the work and a chosen scene(passage)

2) the writer and/or the director a bio and background, style, philosophy, technique.


3) the film —

Why does the work appeal to you? What has the director done to make the piece so effective?

Or, What did the director miss? Describe the feelings evoked by the work , the aesthetics.

A few suggested titles:

Wild at Heart Barry Gifford ©1990 Grove Press

Rhinoceros Eugene Ionesco ©1959 , Grove Press (Penguin1985)

Homicide David Mamet 1992 Grove Press

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre B. Travern ©1935 Knopf (Time-Life1981)

Slaughterhouse-Five* Happy Birthday Wanda June** Kurt Vonnegut Jr. *1968 Dell ; **©1970 Samuel French

Rear Window Cornell Woolrich ©1954

The Talented Mr. Ripley Patricia Highsmith ©1955

Little Caesar , The Asphalt Jungle , High Sierra W.R.Burnett© 1929 ; 1949 ; 1940

The Wizard of Oz L. Frank Baum ©1900

Alice In Wonderland Lewis Carrol ©1865

A few other suggested Directors and Writers :

Kurosawa , Graham Green , Larry McMurtry , T.C. Boyle , Jerzy Kosinski , Arthur Miller , the Coen Bros. , Umberto Eco Quentin Tarrantino , Norman Jewison , John Houston , Alfred Hitchcock , Lawrence + Lee , Raymond Chandler , David Lynch , James M. Cain , Sam Shepherd , Dashiell Hammett , Ross MacDonald , C.S. Forester , Nikos Kazantzakis , Paddy Chayfsky , Agatha Christy , Ian Flemming , Frances Ford Coppula , Charlie Chaplin , D W Griffith , Orson Wells ,

Etecetra . . .


* no more than three in a group — all must participate in the presentation.

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