Writing,Design & Art Direction for New Media                                                        hersh jacob



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             a clear understanding of the structure and potential of digital media


             the art of non-linear thinking and telling the story in a non-traditional way

             storyboarding, flow charts & protocols


             content development and interactivity


             clarity in writing and design concepts



Some Topics Discussed:


             adaptation of literature & story development


             computer as theatre


             design and typographic techniques


             cookies, bells and whistles


            the team


            meetings, blue sky, tasking




             development and production skills for newMedia     



             5 assignments             45%

             final project                65%


note: all assignments and final project must be submitted on time to be accepted


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            introduction/overview of course

                        discussion: expression through media



            assignment:  1st question - who am I?  why am I Here?  what do i Want? 




            RESEARCH               theatre&evolution

            STORYTELLING        "Jek mit a Binstuck"

            DOCUMENTARIES  structure


            discussion: how to develop and interpret existing material to interactive medium       


Adaptation:   Play                 Laurel


                        Novel               Piscator


NEW DIRECTIONS?!           Brecht/epic






            nonanthropromorphic design and structure


            Discussion - the web: structure of the web and digital media


            assignment:  outline final project for course 


organize project 1 on 1


thoughts: how to develop existing material to interactive medium - - expand story adaptation





            bells and whistles:  animations, audio clips and mpgs/avi's


            discuss and outline PROJECTS


            organize project 1 on 1


preProduction planning + development


            storyBoards/flowcharts and structures

                        examination of animation in storyboard

                        view examples




Write short story based on images - impressionists/newsPaper clippings:  RANDOM


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content development


            nonlinear thinking and techniques in presentation of ideas


            the shortStory based on images           -people reading and reactions

                                                                        -talk about what/why/etc...


            discussion of story - how did you arrive at ....

            discuss image as catalyst, so, now image can spur content as does content dictate             image   together conspire "LOOK"



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non-arbitrary proportions of page and type area

discuss miltonGlaser & other designers/illustrators


typefaces:  deciding what&why

handout - this typeFace is changing your life

classifications -


NEEDS-yours - the clients



look&see fonts - bring in examples & match/name


            get opinionated





cdRoms, DVD's and the web

1st week - browse, play, look - relax -

2nd week - same - but now, form opinions - what works, what doesn't,  why?

look - think - compare - form opinions/biases



present your projects to team + programmer


reality - parameters of the medium


            - explore structure and ideas - the programmer as designer of production/ function/                                                



            workTime - lab and one on one




detail past classes(review)&


                        TYPE and                    collect assignments -match That font

                        LayOut                        handout:  design - development processes






presentations of projects


group input/discussion of projects as team

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Course Learning Outcomes:


            the primary objective of this course the participants are able to enter into the field with a clear understanding and skills to plan, develop and produce effective new media.



program outcomes:


apply to all relevant situations industry self-regulation practices, statutory obligations, CRTC regulations, and codes set out by the industry representative associations


ensure compliance with the regulatory and legal framework as it applies to the new media industry


adhere to all copyright regulations as they apply to the incorporation of appropriate graphical, musical selections into production content


recognize the influence of varied corporate cultures on new media content, while adhering to industry requirements of editorial, intellectual and commercial property  


apply knowledge of performance rights, clearances, and labour- management relations to new media productions


recognize the influence of varied corporate cultures on the production of new media productions


apply knowledge and understanding of the particular vocabulary of the work environment


accept and carry out assigned responsibilities in an organized and efficient manner


monitor current affairs, technological periodicals and identify production ideas

develop a profile of the target audience and the content that pertains to this audience


communicate with the client/public in a professional manner

demonstrate an understanding of the history, artistry and current industry trends of the new media business


research and prepare a clear self-marketing plan

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hersh jacob                                        writing for the web                                <hersh@pointlessArt.com>