a proposal for course development
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TCP model

Here is a model for describing our courses. Rather than going back to the Ministry of Education to get approval for new courses and numbers, this can solve our problem and provide clarity to students.

Technical (T)
Content (C)
Project (P)

Each course get assigned a letter describing what will be taught. First semester we will try to keep it only a single designation. Second Semester we can take advantage of the additional hours devote to a course and have multiple designations.

Semester 1

Web authoring (T)

Online Journalism (C)

Online Publication Project (P)

Investigative Research (T)

Business of Journalism (P)

Production and Design (T)

Semester 2

Investigative Reporting (TP)

Art of Storytelling (TCP)

Business of Journalism (P)

Online Publication Project 2 (TCP)

Enhanced Internship (TCP)

Each designation can be weighted (50 per cent for P, 25 per cent of T and C). The weighting will depend on the course. However, it will make it clearer for us.

So, as an example, we can indicate designated class hours:

Art of Story - (TCP)

1 hour - Hersh - (T)
1 hour - Rob - (C)
1 hour - Rob & Hersh - (P)

Online Publication Project - (TP)

Portal preparations -(P)
Flash instruction - (T)
Staff meetings - (P)


a proposal for course development
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